Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Like To Use In a Scrapbook.

What kind of things do you use in your scrapbook?   In this blog I will tell you some of the things I like to use while I scrapbook. There are so many things that you can use while scrap booking. Lets start with just a few.

First: You have your scrap booking albums. These tell what kind of scrapbook you are doing. Because of the cover of the album a lot of times is themed.  These scrapbook albums come in everything from plain everyday scrap booking albums to weddings or babies. It all depends on the theme of your scrapbook.  Remember a perfect scrapbook should have a theme.

Second: Is your scrap booking pages. These pages are what shows you the theme of your scrapbook. These are the number 1 things to enhance the theme of your scrapbook. Scrap booking pages come in decorative pages or even in just plain pages.  These scrapbook pages should reflect what you want to bring out in the pictures.

Third: The third thing is your scrap booking graphics. I'm saying it that way because there are so many graphics to use to enhance the pages. These scrap booking supplies are stickers, brads, buttons, flowers, and even stamps. I'm a big fan of the scrap booking stickers myself. These all can enhance the outcome of your scrap booking page. There are graphics out there for every theme you can think of.

Fourth: It is what you use to paste everything on the page. The scrap booking glue. Without it we wouldn't be able to scrapbook. There is also some scrap booking tape that you can use as well. I would recommend glue though.

Fifth: How can you scrapbook without scissors? Scissors are a must for anyone who scrapbooks. Whether you just need theme to trim something or you need them in a decorative design they are a must have.  You can use these on both the pictures as well as the pages.

Sixth: There are also paper trimmers. These are great for scrap booking because with this you can make sure everything is cut straight. Everything is in perfect order and looks professional in your scrapbook.  With the paper trimmer you can line up the page perfectly if you need to trim it to fit in your scrapbook.

These are a few good scrap booking supplies that are out there. These are some of the best scrap booking supplies out there. They help me when I scrapbook.

Below I've listed a few scrap booking books I think will help:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let's try different kinds of scrap booking albums.

What kind of scrap booking albums do you like to use? There are so many different kinds of scrap booking albums out there. There are they regular scrap booking albums, post albums, and chipboard albums to name a few. These different albums are good for different types of layout pages. They can all go with the paper theme of your choice.

* Regular scrap booking albums are the most common albums sold in stores all around the world.

* Post scrap booking albums are where the pages are already posted in the scrapbook for you. They have a page that slides out for you to paste you new layout page on.

* Chipboard albums come in a variety.(seasons, themes and more)They are small and cut into the shape of the theme you choose.

My favorite scrap booking album is the regular album because it lets you choose pretty much your own layout to the pages that is add. You get to choose where you add everything own the page. You even get to choose the layout of the paper.

So come on and try it. It's fun, creative and very enjoyable for everyone. So I would love to here about yours when it is completed. You can write to me in my comments section at the bottom of the page. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy choosing the different scrapbook albums as much I do.

Here are some clip board albums to start you off:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pages, Stickers, and Stamps!

Have you ever set down to do a scrapbook and wondered what page to use. That is me, I love the graphic pages. However, some pages don't say have the exact graphics that you feel that picture needs. So you make your own. How you asked let me explain.

Making your own pages using stickers and stamps. Stamps are a very creative touch. They can say just about anything you want. The way to design it is use a sheet of just the plan scrap booking paper. U can customize the page how you like it. One thing to remember is keep the picture close by so you can match that picture with that page. You don't want to over fill a picture with graphics that won't match the stickers and stamps.

Using word stamps: Using word stamps are nice if you find the correct pattern for them. Also they can help your page look customized. You can use it once or more depending on your style. However remember this is your book so treat it as if you where writing it for the whole world to see.

The finished product: After you have customized your page to your likings. Add the pictures you want and the stickers that go with it. Make yourself the perfect scrap book phrase and show the world.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back To The Basics

During these economic times, it has tested the best of our abilities. We are all challenged by the trials of which this time of age has set upon us. Though these are not the best of memories we would like to remember, it must have its place in the world of scrap booking. If we were to scrapbook our memories of how everything was "peachy" back then. Then we are only blinding our children on things to come when they grow up. Scrap booking should not be just on the great memories of our lives but should be based on the events of our lives and what we had to go through. Let the pages speak the real story of your life. You can add a sticker or two showing what all we been through. So scrap book your way back to the basics and share the events you experience with future generations to come. They will need to see that life will sometimes not go your way, but they will sure make the pages of your scrap book of life speak the truth.

Let me explain how to scrap book this out. I would create a scrap booking journal. Include everyday and every struggle that you have to face. You can add a sticker to help you smile if need be. Be don't over do the page. Remember this is the hardest scrap book you will ever put together. The reason is, it is of memories that can be good and bad. Remember it is just like keep a diary as a child.

You can add some of the real reason you kept on going day to day. Its hard but a journal can include a bill you just couldn't afford. A picture of you or your spouse writing out the checks to pay the bills. A last check from your job you were laid off from. A day care you had to take your children out of. It also could include the different prices of gas. This is your scrap booking journey make it speak what is going on with you.

Grandma's Scrap Book.

You know with everything that is going on in my life. I find it just a little hard to sit down and find the perfect things to say. My daughter is changing everyday and I feel so sad at times to think with every blink she is changing. That is the main reason now I sit down with all of my scrap booking supplies and enjoy the incredible journey that I have with her. My daughter will be five months old tomorrow. Oh my where did that time go. I could almost cry thinking about it. I look at some of the pictures that are on the page and wow time sure has flown.

I went to my husbands grandmothers just last week. She had pictures sitting everywhere. So I told her I would make her a scrap book of her great grandchildren. So me and her went shopping for some supplies for her scrap book. We bought the scrap booking kit. It came with all kinds of really neat pages, stickers, borders, and backgrounds to help bring her book to life. So I set down with all 3 of her great grandchildren pictures and got to work.

That was so much fun. I let the stickers talk for me on the pages she just loved it. I used some of the blocked letters and made those into frames around the pictures that way they said what I wanted them to say. You can really get very creative with just a very little bit of supplies that is the fun of it. You know when we look at the finished project you can fill proud to say yes I did that isn't it neat. You should really try it have fun doing something for yourself.

Taking a minute for yourself

You know there are always sometimes when you feel like it is always a little more day then there is time. You feel like there are somethings you just need to get done that you just don't have time to do. That's the way I feel sometimes with a new baby. But I wouldn't trade one single minute of it for anything in this world.

There are times when we are playing that I just sit with the camera and capture those moments so that we can add them to our scrap book. You know there are always those moments that just drive you crazy and make you want to cry right along with her. But you pull yourself together and just go on to the next task. Well you know you always have to work in a little bit of time for yourself so that you don't take out the frustration on anyone else.

My time for myself is when I scrap book. There is nothing like when I get to sit down with a page, pictures, borders, backgrounds, and letters and let them decide where they need to go. It's so fun to sit down and show that you can take a minute for yourself to just relax. All of us know that it's going to be there when it's all said and done so why not show that you have time to treat yourself for a second of piece and quiet. You may only get one page done, maybe even two but that was time for yourself. Enjoy the break that is how I enjoy mine.

The First Months Journey.

You know the first few months of a babies life it is a trial and error for both you and them. You are learning that their is someone besides yourself you have to take care of. You have to adjust to there schedules not yours which some days can be a little hard. But even for those first few weeks when your not sleeping you see something that you think would look so good in her scrap book. You know you got the camera ready at all times to take and capture that special moment.

So you take the picture and decide to sit down with your supplies and turn that moment into an illustrated work of art. That's what my daughters scrap book will fill like when it gets finished a work of art. All the stickers, border, backgrounds, and pages that you do will fill like you sat down and wrote the book for yourself to share with others. That's the way you should feel about scrap booking for your little angels that it's a wonderfully illustrated work of art. You know all those different baby clothes that you think she has to get her picture made in that. You know all those different toys and everyday items that they need. Well those are some of the things you want pictures of to add to your scrap book.

The first pages should include your last day of pregnancy. When you are in the hospital getting ready to welcome them into the world. Don't let you belly scare you cause its your book if you want to show someone great if not it is your special day anyway. You can really customize this to your likings to your taste. If you want designer paper hey it's your page to shine. Make it what you want and enjoy your minute of fame.

The next page should include her hospital pictures. Those first few moments of life are yours to cherish in your book. Make the layout of this page to match the baby if it is a girl use a page to say hey its a girl. If a boy use some blue or some thing to say a boy is here. You can always add a sticker to the page for it to like a boy or girl page.

The next page I would include you and the baby. You deserved this moment you went through all that pain to have them enjoy that first moments photo you seen them. They are yours and you are proud show it in your page. Customize it to look like a real page out of a good book.

Next include the going home shots. You know that is a major mill stone in your life and in the child's. So you want those to be the highlight of this page. Add stickers that say something like special delivery or new arrival. Because this is major for you and them so it gets its on page.

Then from there it's however you want the pictures. If you want to mix and match hey it's your masterpiece do it up right. Creativity goes a long way and makes it more personalized. So happy scrap booking. Remember to have fun and just enjoy.


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